Friday, December 28, 2018

Science Fiction Ebook Deal -- Universe in Flames Boxed Set

A terrifying force has risen from the ashes. Something ancient, powerful, and malevolent. It lurks in the shadows, assembling its forces, and getting ready to set the universe in flames.

This Box Set contains the first 5 books of the Universe in Flames saga (+ a bonus novella) at a competitive price point & with new cover.

When the Star Alliance is attacked, ace pilot Lieutenant Chase Athanatos and his friends attempt to survive the total annihilation of their kind. Their struggle for survival brings them to a world far far away, a little planet called Earth. Little do they know that in doing so, they’ll expose humanity to the biggest scourge the universe has ever faced.

Nothing is ever as it seems in this thrilling, action-packed Science Fiction Space Opera series. Greek mythology and fantasy elements add a dab of mysticism and originality to the intense and suspenseful adventures of Chase: a man unaware of his past, a man who must learn to get a grasp with what destiny and the Gods of Olympus have in store for him.

Unwilling to let evil unleash their minions upon every soul in the universe and armed with his courage, convictions, as well as the help of the gods themselves, Chase fights not only for his own survival but for everyone's, on Earth and throughout the galaxy.

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