Friday, April 26, 2019

Science Fiction Ebook Deal -- The Enhanced

She was created by genetic engineering. Now they want her dead.

In a society where the genetically enhanced rule all, Brie Melrose only ever wanted to blend in.

Unfortunately, for a girl with a secret past, hunted by the authorities, and hidden by her guardian who raised her as an orphan, that’s impossible. 

Life in Outer Haven, where the Unenhanced live, is simple for Brie. Care for the other orphans. Keep her head down. And above all, don’t attract unnecessary attention.

One day, however, a routine job turns into something much more, and Brie finds herself under the watchful eye of the Savants, the highest order of the Enhanced. 

Blessed with supreme intellect, they consider emotions to be pointless. 

And, in some cases, dangerous…

Soon, she is to be invited into Inner Haven, the sanctuary of the Enhanced where she’ll come into contact with some strange and dangerous people. 

People who want things from her. 

People who know things about her past. 

And before long, threats she never even knew existed will begin to close in, and Brie will learn that her world, and the city of Haven, isn’t quite what she thought it was. 

And neither is she…

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