Thursday, September 6, 2018

Fantasy Ebook Deal -- Fletcher by P.S. Power

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Fletcher by P.S. Power

As death sought his last breath, the mind of the historian and storykeeper Farad Ibn Istel was placed in one of the very rare crystals of memory...
Now, a long time later, he awakens, tasked with saving the life of a young boy. A thing that no one else can do. Once accomplished he is stuck there, his ancient and disciplined mind mixed with that of a young child, the rambunctious and lazy boy known as Anders Brolly...
To give the innocent child the life he deserves, old Farad will have to change. Adapt and find a new path through the world. That of magic and warcraft.
It may not be possible for an old hermit to pull off.
Especially with an ancient evil coming back into the world.
One that knows him all too well...

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