Saturday, June 30, 2018

Science Fiction Ebook Deal For Sunday

Troubled Space by AK Duboff

Nothing could possibly go wrong. Probably. Maybe...

Aspiring smuggler Jack Tressler is used to taking misfortune in stride. When he’s subscripted into a pirate gang, getting an ill-fitting cybernetic eye and his losing dignity are the least of his worries.

Jack soon finds himself roped into a crazy heist of a prototype energy core as recompense for a crime he didn’t commit, and the job is anything but straightforward. To get the core, Jack's team must break into a secure research facility, but they aren't the only group after the groundbreaking device.

With rabid pirates, ruthless corporations, and a scorned former employer all vying for the same bounty, Jack and his new friends will need all their wits and snark to survive until their next meal.

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